When it comes to protecting your sensitive data, we believe in being proactive. Our patented CELLUCRYPT technology uses a unique encryption technique to eliminate your vulnerability to attacks without overcomplicating the user process.


With CELLUCRYPT, encryption starts with each individual data item (document, file, message thread, note etc.) and then continues outward, eliminating your Bulk-Access-Vulnerability (BAV). Each data item has its own unique key and every possible “sharer/sharee/data” combination also requires a unique key, so even if a hacker could infiltrate the system, their access would be limited to a single data item. The R.O.I for an unauthorized intrusion is massively reduced to the point that it becomes a deterrent.

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The information needed to decrypt content within any CELLUCRYPT-protected system is never stored anywhere in that system. A user’s password is required to unwrap their other keys, without which, their data is inaccessible.

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  • cellucrypt

    CELLUCRYPT is completely invisible to users. As described in our patent (US 8,897,450 B2), Verifyle employs Finite Field Cryptography Diffie Hellman (FFC DH) to create a closed community Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

  • lock

    This PKI is used to grant and claim permission and decrypt content to help prevent Bulk-Access-Vulnerability (BAV).

  • gear

    Since the PKI is a closed community, the process is a seamless one for users, requiring no additional knowledge or steps.

  • key

    The public/private keys and key exchange are all managed for users in the background, completely invisible to the end user.